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Monetary Donation

There are three (3) different way to make a donation. You can use Offline Payment, Touch N Go eWallet (or) Maybank QR Pay.

  • i) Offline Payment

  • ii) TouchNGo eWallet

  • iii) Maybank QR Pay


  • We are registered with tax-exempt status in Malaysia.

  • Please email bank slip (indicating "Donation", donor's full name, IC number/ business number & full address ) to to be eligible for tax exemption receipt according to Subseksyen 44(6) Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967.

  • We will issue normal receipt (not tax exempt) if incomplete details are given. No tax exempt receipt can be issued after we have issued a normal receipt due to incomplete details.

Our Bank Account
Payable : Lovely Disabled Home
Bank Account : Public Bank Berhad 666666666666

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Offline Donations

Thank you for your donation!

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